Cyberpunk Police

Cyberpunk Police

Cyberpunk police officer inspired by the game Cyberpunk 2077

This was a personal project and was my first attempt at making a game ready character following a proper game industry pipeline. After finishing I definitely have a lot more respect for character artists as making a character proved to be challenging. I learned a lot and made tons of mistakes along the way but I’m glad I stuck through and finished this project.

- The Zbrush body and head were made entirely from scratch although next time maybe starting with a pre existing base mesh will help speed up the workflow

- Posing the character I thought I would just use the auto rig in Maya and pose the character but of course it’s never that easy. I decided to follow 3dEx Youtube video on simple character rig Highly recommend this for anyone who is curious or wants to try rigging for the first time.

- For the Hands I wanted to experiment and see how far I could push Substance Painter by using just Substance painter and a hand mesh to achieve a tactical police Glove. Thanks to Safwen Laabidi for the awesome stitching brush in Substance painter.

- For the clothes I tried my best using reference to stitch together a similar looking shirt

- Many thanks to for making me the Jeans texture using Substance Designer, check out her page for some cool textures.