Pistol stabilizer kit

Pistol stabilizer kit

Special thanks to Eugene Petrov I was able to use his video to help understand the workflow of making a gun asset for games. Once I got familiar with the workflow I decided to change things up and go further, building on top of the gun using what I learned. I went with adding a stabilizer inspired by the real 'Recover 20/20 stabilizer'. The Real one I believe only takes Glock models so I had to work around fitting the Xd-9 compact. I also decided to add a small Osprey silencer along with an Inforce tactical light an extended mag and a tactical angle grip.

**Hands were modeled by Eugene Petrov, I did not include texture because the hands were just place holder and not the main focus**

The main goal was to also make the gun versatile and interchangeable similar to how in games you game customize your weapon. Overall I learned a lot especially with the workflow from Zbrush to Maya and also learned a lot in terms of saving on UV space for games while still getting a high quality render. I was fortunate enough to have access to replica guns as I used to play Airsoft as a hobby. Although the Airsoft guns did not function 100% like real guns the wear and tear was a really great reference for texturing. Would highly recommend any who is interested in modeling guns to check out Eugene Petrov on Flipped Normals.

High poly
- Zbrush
- Maya

Low Poly
- Maya

- Maya
- Rizom UV

- Marmoset

- Substance Painter

- Unreal Engine